Selected List of Works

Southwest of Gull Island, for orchestra (2011)*

Fantasy, for solo clarinet, strings, horn, and percussion (2014)*

Mr. Tesup, for voice and piano (2016)*

Suite for Toy Piano and Percussion (2017)*

Extrapolation, for ocarina (2017)*

Impossible Dances, for three djembes (2017)*

Soliloquy, for vibraphone (2017)*

What I am afraid of, for voice, flute, and cello (2018)*

Susurrus, for flute, cello, and percussion (2019)*

Lapping/Overlapping, for string quartet (2019)*

Triple Expander, for baritone saxophone and timpani (2019)

Dialectic, for solo viola (2020)

Small Ball of Flame, for flute (+piccolo), guitar, cello, and piano (2020)*

Invocation, for multi-percussion solo (2020, in progress)

*indicates works that have been performed or recorded